STEP 1 – Click on PLAY. in the See Sound Live Web Application below. Speak any sound you are familiar with like /aa/ /ee/ /oo/ and then keep repeating it (Try and keep the sounds less than 1 second long). Note that everyone time you speak the sound, a colourful pattern appears on the screen. Repeat this exercise with all kinds of sounds that you are able to speak. Note that the pattern remains the same when you repeat the same sound but becomes different when you try to say a different sound. The colours also change with volume of your speech.
You can also download the See Sound Live App from the Microsoft store by clicking on this link.




‘Hearing’ people get feedback of what they say through their ears. They can sense the sound and its volume. The deaf, don’t get this sensation in their ears but using See Sound Live, they can now get the same sensation through their eyes, visually. By noting that different sounds have different visual patterns, the deaf start developing this feedback mechanism through their eyes.

We urge you to try speaking all kinds of sounds and get comfortable with getting visual feedback of your efforts. You can also use the following Apps to help with building this skill set of speaking out comfortably, clearly and loudly.

STEP 1 has introduced the concept that you can get feedback of your speech efforts visually. Its like hearing with your eyes. You can speak different sounds and note that they are different by looking at the changing visual patterns.

STEP 2 will introduce specific sounds that we want you to try and speak clearly. These have been arranged in the SOUNDS LIBRARY in 6 Levels. Choose the correct Sound Library based on your age and gender and whether you are using Voca Spectrum or Voca Spectrum 3D. Start with the first sound in LEVEL 1 and with time and practice move up to the next sound and next level.

  • When you click on any one of the sound icons, you will see the ideal visual pattern that you should generate if you are speaking the sound well. Keep this visual pattern on your desktop.
  • Now try to speak into the See Sound Live application on the phone or computer and visually compare the pattern you generate with the ideal one here.
  • Keep practicing speaking the sounds until the two visuals match closely.
  • Move from Level 1 to Level 6, practicing the sounds one by one.
Try and get some help and guidance on how well you are speaking from your friends, family or your Speech therapist. Once you master speaking many of these sounds, you will be able to join them into making words. As you gain confidence in speaking these sounds, you will soon be able to speak them without the visual feedback.

Remember at all times that speech is a very brain skill and your brain does the speaking for you. You just have to provide the brain with all necessary feedback to allow it to develop speech.