Frequently Asked Questions

About See Sound Live

What is See Sound Live?

See Sound Live is a learning tool that helps the deaf learn how to speak along with sign language.

How does See Sound work?

See Sound Live allows deaf people to use their naturally heightened visual processing skills to get a feedback of their speech efforts. Missing auditory feedback is the main reason why a deaf person cannot speak inspite of having a normal voice box. Visual feedback using See Sound Live is similar to hearing with your eyes and is crucial in developing speech for the Deaf. Starting with simple sounds, deaf people can practice speaking more complex sounds and words over time.

Who created See Sound Live?

See Sound Live was the brain child of Dr Shomeshwar Singh, Surgeon & Scientist. A team of Hearing & Speech experts, Software professionals, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts worked hard on his innovative proposal that a deaf person” can see sounds (visual equivalents) instead of hearing them and use this feedback to develop speech. Initial trials on children in deaf schools were very encouraging. What you are using now is the current version of See Sound Live, an
evolving technology, which can help deaf children who want to develop oral speech in addition to sign language.

How soon can I start speaking?

Using See Sound Live, in a matter of days you realise that you can start speaking 1 / 2 / 3 different sounds. How fast you then progress, depends on how much time you spend trying to learn speaking simple sounds, and then more complex ones. Remember a new born child takes upto two years to speak two words together. Time is not of essence, interest is.

Get Started

How do I sign up?

There are three options today

  1. Go to and click on the web application window.
  2. Download the application from Microsoft store. You will find the links on the website.
  3. Download the application from Google Android PlayStore for Android phones.

The Sounds library in the website provides Reference Images that you will need to use when learning to speak specific sounds. You should select the correct library based on your age and gender.

Can I keep See Sound Live on multiple devices?

Yes, you may use See Sound Live on multiple devices.

Can I use this app on my iPhone?

You can play See Sound Live – Voca Spectrum (not Voca Spectrum 3D) on Chrome browser in your iPhone.

Using the App

How do I use See Sound Live?

You can use See Sound as a self-learning tool. If you have access to a teacher / expert / guide, you may take their help.

What is the Sounds Library?

The Sounds Library is a collection of Reference Images of sounds you may want to learn to speak. When you speak into See Sound Live application – webapp / Microsoft store download or Play store download, you see a Visual Equivalent of the sound you have spoken. The Sounds Library shows you how this sound should look visually if you spoke it well. You can then judge your speech clarity visually by comparing the two images.

Since there are two main applications – Voca Spectrum and Voca Spectrum 3D, we have separate Libraries for each application.

You must choose the Application first (your preference), then the Library based on your age and gender. Each such library is arranged into different levels –

  • Basic sounds
  • Non Words
  • Mono syllable words
  • Bil syllable words
  • Tri syllable words and
  • Blends

Start from Basic sounds and progress upwards one by one.

How is the lesson plan designed?

The lesson plan has been designed taking into consideration the natural instinctive learning speed of someone learning to speak for the first time.

How often do I need to learn?

See Sound is a self-learning tool, so you can use it at a pace you are comfortable with. We recommend daily regular practice of about half to one hour to train your brain. Just half-hour sessions a day can help your brain register the visual codes for the sounds you are speaking and help you learn more effectively.