Frequently Asked Questions

What is See Sound Live?

See Sound Live is a learning tool that helps the deaf learn how to speak along with sign language.

How does See Sound work?

See Sound Live allows deaf people to use their naturally heightened visual processing skills to get a feedback of their speech efforts. Missing auditory feedback is the main reason why a deaf person cannot speak inspite of having a normal voice box. Visual feedback using See Sound Live is similar to hearing with your eyes and is crucial in developing speech for the Deaf. Starting with simple sounds, deaf people can practice speaking more complex sounds and words over time.

Who created See Sound Live?

See Sound Live was the brain child of Dr Shomeshwar Singh, Surgeon & Scientist. A team of Hearing & Speech experts, Software professionals, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts worked hard on his innovative proposal that a deaf person” can see sounds (visual equivalents) instead of hearing them and use this feedback to develop speech." Initial trials on children in deaf schools were very encouraging. What you are using now is the current version of See Sound Live, an
evolving technology, which can help deaf children who want to develop oral speech in addition to sign language.

How soon can I start speaking?

Using See Sound Live, in a matter of days you realise that you can start speaking 1 / 2 / 3 different sounds. How fast you then progress, depends on how much time you spend trying to learn speaking simple sounds, and then more complex ones. We recommend that you take about 12 months to master the Level 1 SOUNDS. But you can go slower or faster. Remember a new born child takes upto two years to speak two words together. Time is not of essence, interest is.

How do I sign up?

Once you have downloaded the See Sound Live app, please use your mobile number to sign up and create a secure password you will use to login. You will receive a verification SMS with a unique code (One Time Password), that you should enter in the OTP field.

I did not get my OTP

Sometimes there may be a delay in SMS delivery from your network operator. Please allow at least 2 minutes before making a new SMS (resend OTP) request. If you have still not received an SMS, please contact us on

I forgot my login details

You can reset your password using the ‘Reset Password’ link on the login screen of the app. You will receive a verification SMS with an OTP to confirm password reset.

Can I keep See Sound Live on multiple devices?

Yes, you may use See Sound Live on multiple devices.

Can I use this app on my iPhone?

Not yet! See Sound Live is currently available on Android devices only. We will be releasing an iOS version soon. If you would like to be informed, or have further queries, please email us on

How do I use See Sound Live?

You can use See Sound as a self-learning tool. If you have access to a teacher / expert / guide, you may take their help. The app has three areas – learn, play, test – which help you learn to speak, practice your sounds with fun games and test your speaking skills. Follow the curriculum and speed recommended in the app.

What is the See Sound Curriculum?

The See Sound Curriculum is essentially a lesson plan to help you learn to speak. The curriculum is divided into Levels, based on the natural learning progression of humans as they learn to speak. You start learning with Level 1 – Sounds – which are the basic building blocks of our speech. The See Sound Live curriculum is a step-by-step guide to help you develop your speaking capability, as the
right pace.

How is the lesson plan designed?

The lesson plan has been designed taking into consideration the natural instinctive learning speed of someone learning to speak for the first time.

How often do I need to learn?

See Sound is a self-learning tool, so you can use it at a pace you are comfortable with. We recommend daily regular practice of about half to one hour to train your brain. Just half-hour sessions a day can help your brain register the visual codes for the sounds you are speaking and help you learn more effectively.

What are the games in the play area?

We have designed some games which will provide you with a fun way to practice your sounds. Our See Sound pal Beenie gathers rewards as you learn and play on the app.

Why can’t I access the other Levels?

Access to the curriculum is restricted based on the plan you have purchased. To learn more about the Levels and subscription plans, visit our website.

Why should I subscribe?

We hope you have had a chance to get a feel for the See Sound Live learning tool with the Intro section and Module 1, on the app. The curriculum is structured into Levels, starting with basic sounds and moving on to more complex sounds and words. You only have to commit to one level at a time, and use it for as long as you need in order to get comfortable speaking that sound. You can
then continue to the next level as and when you please.

I purchased the subscription but cannot access the level.

An error during the payment process may be the reason that you are not able to access the Level. Any money deducted from your card will be automatically refunded. We request you to try payment again. For additional support, please contact us on

Can I get a refund?

Payments towards subscription plans are non-refundable. However, any payments deducted in error (for example, during the payment process) will be automatically refunded. For more information on our cancellations and refunds policy, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Is the app safe to download from your website?

Yes! We take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of the app. The See Sound Live app is available to download only from this page, and no other website or app store. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Privacy policy.

Is my data safe?

Yes! We do not share any personally identifiable information with any third-party, unless required for providing you access to the app (eg. during the secure payment processing). For more information, please refer to our terms and privacy policy.

Is my payment secure?

Yes! We use a third-party payment gateway service provider who uses powerful 128 bit encryption secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission. The provider is also PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.

My app crashed what do I do?

Occasionally an error or network connectivity issue may result in the app crashing. Please remove the app from the background (“kill” the app) and launch it again. If the issue persists, contact us on

Contact us for tech support

For any queries or help with technical issues related to the app, please email us on