Upasana Special School has partnered with See Sound Live to empower its deaf students.
See Sound Live selected as top product for launch in Global Bio-India 2019.
See Sound Live has been launched in Rajasthan. 40 schools with 2000 students have been enrolled in this ambitious project.
An 11 year old child who has previously not spoken a single word has developed significant speech with use of See Sound Live in 10 months.
An innovative assistive Technology which has been developed Indigenously with the support of BIRAC
See Sound Live wins the National Bio-Entrepreneurship Competition in the digital health category.

“Empowering deaf with the power of speech”


See Sound Live is an assistive technology developed by 4S Medical Research P Ltd, with the help of funding from Govt. of India. The technology enables a deaf child or adult, develop near normal speech by giving the user, visual feedback of his speech efforts on a smart phone like device, thus using their naturally heightened visual processing skills to develop speech. The visual feedback substitutes the absent auditory feedback in deaf people that prevents them from developing speech. Results have been astounding. This has never been done before anywhere in the world. International patent application for See Sound Live has been completed in 2019 by 4S Medical Research P Ltd. See Sound Live has the potential to become for the deaf, what Braille is today for the blind.
If you know someone interested in See Sound Live, get in touch with us today. E Mail us at care@seesoundlive.com.





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